Are you looking to get trained in ASIST or become a trainer in ASIST?  The best way to set up a training or get trained in ASIST is to directly contact trainers in your area.  They will have the best and quickest knowledge of local trainings.  Click here to see trainers or training coordinators in your area.  Below is a calendar showing dates of monthly Oregon ASIST trainer Learning Collaborative meetings, hosted ASIST training for trainers, and some limited ASIST workshops.


If you are looking to become an ASIST trainer, please contact Tim directly.  He can share about local opportunities for discounted ASIST training for trainers which are offered through this project.  For other training for trainer options, check the LivingWorks website, some of which will not be located in Oregon.



ASIST Training Calendar

November 2022

UPDATE – As of November 2020, this project has shifted its focus in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which limits both of these in-person only trainings. To fill the suicide intervention space, Oregon Health Authority, through a partnership with Oregon Pediatric Society, brought forth a virtual training option – Youth SAVE (Suicide Assessment in Virtual Environments).  This exciting development does mean that focus on safeTALK has decreased.  While safeTALK is still an important training, it is unknown when or if safeTALK will come back into focus.  Contact Tim for more information (

This project is a part of a larger effort by the Oregon Health Authority to expand suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention training capacity. This includes trainings such as Sources of StrengthMental Health First AidQPR (Question, Persuade, Refer)Youth SAVE (Suicide Assessment in Virtual Environments), and Connect Postvention.  To learn more about this project and other trainings related, check out this flyer showing the different programs along the prevention spectrum.

In addition to the aforementioned trainings, Oregon Health Authority also funds the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide which oversees the implementation of the five-year Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (YSIPP).  To learn more about the Alliance or get involved, check out their website.

To learn more about broader suicide prevention work in Oregon, find support, and browse resources, check out the Oregon Suicide Prevention website.  

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out:

  • Oregon YouthLine: 877.968.8491
  • 24/7 Crisis Text Line: Text ‘SOS’ to 741741